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Massachusetts Voters for Animals Endorses Joe Gravellese for State Representative

Joe Gravellese’s campaign for State Representative has been endorsed by Massachusetts Voters for Animals, a statewide advocacy group dedicated to electing humane leaders who prevent cruelty to animals.

“Mass Voters for Animals is delighted to enthusiastically endorse Joe Gravellese for State Representative because we feel that he stands out as a person who truly cares about animal welfare and would be a strong advocate for the prevention of cruelty,” said Marge Peppercorn, a member of Massachusetts Voters for Animals’ steering committee.

Gravellese has an extensive record of working on issues related to animal protection from his time working as legislative director to Representative Lori Ehrlich from 2013-2016. 

During this time, Ehrlich’s office helped advocate for and sign in to law legislation that responded to the “Puppy Doe” incident, when a pitbull was found so badly abused that she had to be euthanized. The bill updated the state’s animal cruelty laws to hold abusers accountable.

Gravellese also worked on legislation allowing Good Samaritans to legally rescue animals trapped in hot cars, crack down on “puppy mills,” end the exploitation of wild animals in traveling shows, and stop the illicit ivory trade, which is funding overseas criminal enterprises and threatening elephants with extinction. 

Since leaving the State House, Gravellese has been an active donor and fundraiser for a no-kill cat shelter in Boston.

“How we treat animals says a lot about our values,” said Gravellese. “Research shows that a person who has committed animal abuse is five times more likely to commit violence against people. Strong animal protection laws are important to protect all of us.”

“I’m proud to have the endorsement of Massachusetts Voters for Animals, and pledge to continue to be an effective voice to protect the vulnerable as your State Representative.”

Gravellese was previously endorsed by International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4, Bricklayers Local 3, and Tunnel Workers Local 88. 

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