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Let’s put a halt to teacher layoffs & support Revere educators

Last week, I was proud to sign on to a petition in support of Whelan School teachers, particularly those who may have been targeted due to standing up for their collective bargaining rights. I also stand with other Revere educators who may be facing layoffs in the coming months due to the budget crisis, and call on the state to do more to ensure educators’ jobs are protected going into a fall semester where they will be more needed than ever.

Even amidst the COVID-19 crisis, billionaire families in Massachusetts have seen their fortunes increase as the markets recovered, even while the rest of us still struggle. While the biggest blame here falls on Mitch McConnell for preventing needed aid to the states, the Massachusetts Legislature can and should take steps to bring in the revenue needed to retain teachers, especially in cities like Revere where many youth are at-risk.

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