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Joe Gravellese to host Live Stream with State Representative Lori Ehrlich to discuss gas leaks and energy policy

On Thursday, July 2 at 6 PM, Joe Gravellese, a candidate for State Representative in Revere, Chelsea and Saugus, will host a Virtual Town Hall on Facebook Live with State Representative Lori Ehrlich (D-8th Essex), one of the Legislature’s leading energy and environmental policy experts, and a lead sponsor of a several bills that are now law that tackle the issue of gas leaks in terms of public safety, labor, environment, and consumer protection.

“Every year, leaking gas pipes add to our utility bills, kill trees, and needlessly put methane into the atmosphere, contributing to pollution and climate change. Thanks to the work led by Rep. Lori Ehrlich when I worked in her office, utility companies are accountable to track these leaks publicly, and work to speedily repair some of the most dangerous leaks. But even under Massachusetts’ aggressive law, thousands of leaks across the state remain unrepaired every year,” said Gravellese, who was legislative director in Ehrlich’s office from 2013-2016.

“The new 2019 gas leaks map is out, and it shows that there are 271 gas leaks that we know about that remain unrepaired in Revere, Chelsea, and Saugus. There are actually a few in Revere that date back to 2003, including one on Washington Ave and one on Park Ave,” he continued.

“The fact that we even know about these leaks at all is in part thanks to the law Rep. Ehrlich wrote. She and I will continue to fight on Beacon Hill to make sure that even the leaks the utility companies deem to be “low grade” and supposedly not dangerous to buildings are repaired, because even the ones that aren’t at risk of imminently blowing up buildings still cause pollution and increase your gas bills.”

The video will be streamed live on Gravellese’s Facebook page,, on Thursday at 6 PM, and will later be shared on YouTube.

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