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Sierra Club Massachusetts Endorses Joe Gravellese for State Representative

The Massachusetts chapter of the Sierra Club – one of the nation’s foremost environmental advocacy organizations – has endorsed Joe Gravellese for State Representative in the upcoming Democratic primary on September 1st in the 16th Suffolk District.

“The communities of Chelsea, Revere, and Saugus are disproportionately impacted by environmental injustices and COVID-19,” said Jonathan Cohn, political director of Sierra Club Massachusetts. “The Sierra Club is proud to endorse Joe Gravellese, who will represent this diverse district and act on his commitment to stronger environmental enforcement, environmental justice, and 100% clean energy.”

“I’m grateful to have the Sierra Club in my corner,” said Gravellese. “Seven years ago I worked alongside environmental advocates like the Sierra Club to shut down a polluting coal plant in Salem, and pass legislation to hold utility companies accountable for gas leaks. They’ve seen firsthand that my commitment to environmental justice isn’t just an election year slogan – it’s a lifelong interest in researching, learning about, and acting on policy.”

“When it comes to addressing the environmental hazards in our communities, like gas leaks, the trash-burning incinerator in Saugus, and increasing storms and flooding, the advocates who know these issues best, like Sierra Club and Sunrise Boston, are backing my candidacy, because they know I have the passion, knowledge, and track record needed to make a difference.”

The full list of candidates endorsed by the Sierra Club this year is available at

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