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Pass a “Career and Technical Education Act” in Massachusetts!

Half of all job openings in the 21st century economy are for positions that require training beyond a high school education, but do not require a college degree. We can help prepare students to fill these positions by passing the Career and Technical Education Act, as ten states have done.

The CTE Act would require state universities, community colleges, and similar programs to give credits to students who complete career, vocational and technical education classes taken during high school. This would help smooth the pathway and reduce costs for associates degrees, certificates, and similar programs that can put students on the pathway to good jobs.

Partnered with approaches I have already advocated for to expand access to vocational and technical education, such as expanding “dual enrollment” programs to let kids take classes at both traditional and vocational schools; ensuring a vocational component at the new Revere High School; and supporting the construction of a new Northeast Metropolitan Vocational School with more seats to reduce the size of the waiting list for vocational schools, we can create a more equitable education system that gives more students an opportunity to succeed.

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